Things We Accept:

  • CLEAN quality clothing in excellent condition - brands that sell well:  Gap, Mini Boden, Land's End, Gymboree, llBean, Hanna Andersen, etc. Items do not need to be a brand name. Walmart and other similar brands do not sell as well and need to be priced accordingly. Clothing does not have to be a name brand.
  • Toys and puzzles (complete sets only). Please include batteries where needed or these items will not sell.
  • Stuffed animals that "DO" something- sing, play music, move, etc. Otherwise NO STUFFIES, Please :)
  • Diaper bags
  • Baby equipment: bouncy seats, swings, high chairs, strollers, pack-n-plays, exersaucers, activity mats, walkers, bikes, outdoor toys, bumbos, etc.
  • Baby/kid furniture including changing tables, gliders, rockers, bassinets, etc.
  • Sports clothing & equipment
  • Child-proofing equipment
  • Outdoor toys such as motorized cars, bikes, scooters, playhouses, etc.
  • Costumes & dress-up outfits
  • Children's Sleeping bags
  • Unopened, unexpired baby food, formula, and bath products
  • Clean & laundered training pants and cloth diapers
  • Infant receiving blankets - must be placed on a hanger
  • Breast pump - Insurance companies pay for pumps, so most people are able to obtain them for free. Please keep prices very reasonable on the kinds you would get through insurance. 
  •  Crib mattresses
  • ONLY BRAND NEW Sippy cups, bottles, and teethers (See unacceptable)
  • Non-numerical sizing such as S, M,L, & XL
  • Handmade items for children or babies(as long as they are tagged with size and adhere to the current CPSC clothing guidelines)
  • Furniture for nursery/children's rooms
  • DVDs that work rated G or PG in original case/cover 
  • Books, computer, and video games (rated "E" for everyone)
  • Maternity clothing in the correct season
  • Nursing Clothing
  • Car seats - Check for recalls and updated safety guidelines – Check the manufacturer date stamped on the car seat. All seats must have a manufacture date that is less than 5 years old from the date of the sale AND cannot expire within 6 months of the sale. Please include the owner's manual/instructions. These can be downloaded & printed from the internet. Seats previously in an accident are a danger to use and therefore CANNOT be resold.
    Consignors MUST review the CPSC website within a week of the sale to ensure the consigned items are not recalled and still fully adhere to their safety guidelines. Consignors will be asked to sign a waiver at registration.

Things We do not Accept:

  • Stained (no stains what-so-ever), or torn, 5 years old or older, unclean in anyway, or missing buttons etc.
  • Toys and puzzles that are incomplete or missing batteries
  • Recalled items Check for recalled items
  •  ALL cribs
  • ALL medicine
  • Bumper pads for Cribs - consider unsafe
  •  bath products that are opened or expired
  • Blankets/quilts (more than 1 layer thick)
  •  Car seats older than 5 years or will “expire” within 6 months of the event
  • Stuffed animals (non-electronic)
  •  Unclothed dolls
  • Battery-operated items that do not include batteries
  • Used underwear (only new, in the package, are acceptable)
  • Used teethers containing liquid
  • PG-13 or R-rated movies
  • Video games rated “M” for mature
  • Home decor - we are no longer accepting any including bedding sets, sheets, pillows, dust ruffles, plus frames, wall decor, knick-knacks for a kids' bedroom

What to sell: 

Women's Details:

  • ONLY MALL  BRANDS - no walmart or target
  • Great condition - no stains, holes, missing buttons etc.
  • ONLY 25 items per consignor
  •  Shoes accepted
  • Accessories  accepted but no jewelry, no lingerie, no scarves. 
  • Must be current styles
  • Must follow the season (spring and summer at our spring sale and fall and winter at our fall sale)

Common Threads would like to bring the women's clothing back to the sale, but we want it to be a  boutique type experience for our shoppers. We are looking for high quality, great condition, name brand! We are limiting each consignor to 25 items. We are super excited about our new space and the opportunity to bring in women's inventory again!