How to properly tag & hang your items:

First, register as a Consignor or log in to your Consignor account by clicking HERE

Once you have logged in, you will see a screen that gives you these options: Manage Items, Team Thread, Drop-off, Item Transfer, Settlement Report, and Contact Us, this is where you will be navigating all your items, choosing a drop-off appointment, signing up to help and viewing your items sold.

Directions for Entering Your Items 

 Click on "Manage Items"  and fill in all the information. 
Please enter detailed item descriptions! For instance: Navy Sports Jacket.

 If a tag is lost from an item, we can only match it to the correct item with the description you enter. For example, if your description is “Dress,” this does not help us locate the correct dress. We could have four dresses with a lost tag. 

Please include brand, color, and 2-piece, if applicable. “New” and “Only Worn Once” on descriptions can make your item more appealing to a buyer too! However, there is a limit to how many words you can use.  

Also, you MUST enter something in the "Category" blank - this determines whether to collect the tax!  Yes - we have to collect sales tax. :( To simplify this - if it is a clothing item, choose Boy Clothing/Girl Clothing; you do not have to be specific for PA taxes. If it is something else, please choose a close category if not specific.  

After you have filled in the information, click "Add Item."  If you make a mistake or wish to change something, you can edit or delete it.  

Printing Tags & Attaching Tags

When you are ready to print, click on "Print Tags."
Choose which tags to print by checking the box beside the item, then click "Generate Tags."  The tags should come up in a printable format. Please use white card stock for printing.  Eight tags fit on each 8 1/2 X 11 piece of card stock paper. Print in LandscapeDo not use plain copy paper; it will not hold up under the rigors of the sale. Also, the barcode must be perfectly printed - the most important thing when a customer brings the item to the checkout.   Please ensure your tags are printed well - if the printing is poor quality, it will not scan and cause much anxiety in the checkout lines. Using a laser printer is the best choice; inkjet printers do not scan as well.

More on supplies: White card stock: Cardstock can be found online or at Walmart, Staples, Sam’s Club, and other office supply stores. Using a super heavyweight (65lb is typical) is unnecessary, but you should have thicker card stock than regular copy paper. Some printers will instruct you to feed it manually rather than feed it by the paper tray. You can also send your tag PDFs to an office service store (Staples, A+, etc.) to have them printed on card stock. Eight tags fit on one sheet horizontally. (Be sure landscape is chosen on printer settings.)
Tag gun and attachments/barbs if you tag with a gun.
Safety pins of differing sizes. Small pins are best when attaching tags. Larger pins work best when attaching pants to shirt hangers so they can be removed easily.
Zip ties can be found online or at Walmart, Harbor Freight, and other hardware stores.
Packing tape, Ziplock/clear bags, Scotch tape, rubber bands


You will need to supply your hangers.  Metal hangers are the best because they slide more easily on the racks, but you may also use plastic or wooden hangers. You can pick up free hangers at your local dry cleaners - usually on a rack inside the door. Thrift stores also sell them for a couple of dollars, as do Target & Walmart.  We usually have hangers we hand out at the end of the sale for the next sale. sells 13"metal hangers (kid-sized) 500 for 74.99. 15 cents a hanger.

All clothing should be placed on hangers so that the top of the hanger faces left, like a question mark. Tags should be placed on the left of the garment (right side as you face the garment) so that it can be seen when hanging on racks- saftey pin users.
A pant hanger works best when hanging pants, shorts, or skirts, but if you do not have those, you may use a shirt hanger and safety pins. (See photo) You will want to hang it high on the hanger. If you are hanging pants/shorts on the bar of the hanger results in them sliding and not being able to be seen well.

Tagging Gun Instructions:

Shirts/tops: If using a tag gun, the tag should go in the retail fabric tag in the back of a top or pants/shorts. This is the ideal spot to be sure you’re not putting a hole where it would show on the garment itself. If it’s a tag-less item, please carefully find the spot where seams come together under the arm.
Please refrain from piercing anywhere that is not on a seam as it often results in an obvious hole with the item not selling. If you’re experienced in using a tag gun and can put the gun through a seam inside the shirt (see photo) without going through the garment and creating a hole/tear, that's acceptable, but please do so carefully.

Shorts/pants/skirts: The ideal spot is in the inner retail tag. If there is no retail tag, find a hidden seam, possibly under a belt loop or the seam along the elastic waist. Another great spot is in the elastic band for items with an adjustable waist or the pocket of pants.
Safety pinning should be done with smaller pins on the waistband.

Shoes: Please attach shoes with zip ties whenever possible. This can be done by poking the tag with the end of the zip tie (or the needle of a tag gun) and then threading the tie through lace eyelets. If the shoe doesn’t have laces, loops, straps, or buckles to connect a zip tie, you may rubber band the shoes together and attach the tag with a tag gun on a seam or lace or firmly tape on the sole with packing tape.
Customers prefer the ability to inspect shoes. If in a bag, the tag should be attached to the shoes, not the bag. One last thing, clean shoes sell best!!

NON-Clothing items:

Attach tags to items with packaging tape for items other than clothing as long as it will not ruin the item. Do not tape over the barcode. On something like a car seat, packaging tape will work great, or tagging gun. The more orderly each item arrives, the better chance the item will sell.  If the tag is easily removed, it will likely be lost and not sold.

Tagging tips and instructions

Clean shoes sell best