how it works to $ell with us!

Team Thread Consignor

Tag Team Consignor

Regular Consignor

Earn more and shop first!!

  • Make 70 - 75% of your sales
  • Prep & tag all your items 
  • Drop-off on Tuesday of sale week
  • $15 consignor fee
  • options for pickup and donate
  • help 4 - 12 hours
  • allowed 200 items
  • Make 65% of your sales
  • Prep & tag all your items 
  • Drop-off on Tuesday of sale week
  • $15 consignor fee
  • options for pickup and donate
  • allowed 200 items
  • Make 40% of your sales
  • We Prep & tag all your items 
  • we drop off for you
  • $15 consignor fee + $10 supply fee
  • must participate in 50% off and donate
  • options for pickup and donate
  • allowed 100 items

Register Now!

 Consignment is the smart way to make extra money and clean out your closets, plus an even smarter way to shop. Typically a consignor makes twice as much as they would at a yard sale or consignment shop and invests much less time. Register before the event above. Then begin to enter all the items you wish to sell (step-by-step instructions). Bring the items to the drop-off day which, is typically the Tuesday of sale week.

Each consignor prices and tags their items through our website, which generates barcoded tags for the individual consignor. The consignor then delivers their things to the event on Tuesday before the sale between 9 AM and 7 PM. Common Threads then displays these things in a retail-like setting for several days. The store is open to the public for 3-4 days of shopping. We pay 2 weeks after the sale by e-check, or paypal. Consignors also have the opportunity to help (Team Thread)  and shop the pre-sale!!

At the end of the sale, consignors will either pick up their leftover items on Saturday or donate the items to the organization of Common Threads choice. Donations are going to our local community through The Giving Closet of Union County. We highly encourage you to donate! #lovemycommunity


How it works:

You, the consignor, will need to choose a drop-off time slot to come to Common Threads on Tuesday of sale week to bring all your things, receive a quality check, and place them on the floor with our help.
What to expect: Please utilize the closest parking spaces available when you arrive. Then you will bring all your items to a drop-off station(table), where a Team Thread member will begin checking your things for our quality check-in step. We are looking for stains, tagging issues, hanger placement, etc.

After we give the OK, you will begin placing your items directly on the sales floor (racks, tables, bins) in the correct locations. Don't worry; everything will be marked to ensure organization. After you finish, you will need to sign a contract, and THAT'S IT! We try our best to make it as quick as possible, and Team Thread will help you rack all your items with your assistance. We ask that you help until all your items are on the floor and in the correct location, which usually doesn't take more than 30 - 60 minutes.


How Pick-up works:

After the sale ends on Saturday,  don’t forget that you must pick up anything of yours that did not sell and you did not donate. As a seller, you need to come to the sale on Saturday between 3-5 pm, find your things, and check-out with us. We will have "check-out" tables set up and we will double-check that you have your tags only and you will sign a release waiver.

If for some reason you can not make that, please let me know in advance. If you decide not to pick up your items because you sold almost everything, please let me know with either a call or a text, and we will be happy to donate your leftover things.

Many consignors find they sell so much that coming back to pick up a handful of items on Saturday is not worth their time and choose to donate at the last minute. This is fine but must be communicated to me before Saturday evening.

NEW for Spring 24 - we are offering incentives for marking all your clothing donated!! More on that soon!!

We do it all!!