Transferring Items:

As a returning consignor, you have the opportunity to transfer items that did not sell at one event to the next Common Thread's event without having to re-tag! YAY! It's very simple! Or for some of you who might have tagged the incorrect season of clothing - don't panic, those tags are good for the next sale, but they have to be transferred!! 

Here are the steps to follow:
1. login 
2. Go to "Item Transfer
3.Then go to step one and chose which sale you are transferring from (for instance CommonThreads Fall 2020)
4. Choose the items you wish to transfer and click “transfer items now” - TA-DA These items are now ready for the current sale. Please make sure that the tags are in GREAT condition.

If you need to change anything on the tag - it has to be edited on the site, re-printed, and replaced. Please do not use a pen or marker to change things on the tags.

If your returning tags look worn, please replace the tag, because they will not scan.