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​For the best possible outcome, please read all instructions thoroughly:

  • Registration Fees
    There is a $10.00 registration fee for the sale.  This fee is non-refundable or transferable. It will be taken out of your earnings check after the sale.  If you volunteer for a 4hr. time slot this fee is waived!  Volunteers are always needed and can be a fun way to check out the event before becoming a consignor!
  • Consignment Percentages
    ​​As a consignor, you will keep 70% of the selling price. Since you price your own items, the amount of money you make is based on how much and what you sell. 
  • Earnings Check
    Your check will be mailed within 3 week​ after the sale ends and must be cashed within 90 days. 
  • Before you register
    please read over the consignor agreement and be prepared to sign this when you drop off your items or print it and bring it along already signed.

    Make sure to familiarize​​ yourself with the rules page so you know what is accepted and what is not accepted.  This saves you from pricing things we cannot accept.

    When you click on the registration page you will be taken to another website, just follow the instructions given.  My consignment manager website is managing MY consignors. Please only use our website to register or login.  ​​

    Tagging instructions for your items are on the tagging instruction's page.  Read it thoroughly it is very important to do the tagging correctly or your items may not sell.

  • Donate & half price sale day
    After you register and begin entering your merchandise you will have the option of donating an item that does not sell at the end of the sale and/or ​marking that item

    ​​for the 1/2price sale.  on Saturday the 1/2 price sale day, every item that is marked

    ​"discount: yes" will automatically be sold at half price.  This is a big sale day and I

    ​​would highly recommend discounting your items.  If an item 
    marked "donate:

    does not sell at the end of the sale it will be given to either the 1st Baptist

    ​​Church of Lewisburg's Clothes Sharing Program.  The Donated items will be given to

    ​​helping our community! However, if you would like your items back they MUST be

    ​​picked up between 4pm - 5pm on saturday
    ​​ evening. Everything that is not picked up by

    ​​5pm will be donated!!






An upscale consignment event for women’s & children’s trendy attire